Busy Bag (with Woodsi) - My Tiny Fingers
Busy Bag (with Woodsi) - My Tiny Fingers

Busy Bag (with Woodsi)

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Another beautiful footrest option from Nibble and Rest, this footrest will help to promote correct posture and stability during mealtimes.

The Nibble and Rest wooden footrest is made of bamboo and is height adjustable. The wooden footrest is installed by o-rings underneath (and above if required) the bamboo footrest board. The o-rings can be installed at various heights on the chair to adjust the footrest height.

Our Nibble and Rest wooden footrest comes with 2 sets of 4 o-rings.

Footrests allow children to increase their motor skills and improve their levels of concentration, which in turn encourages a better feeding and learning experience.


  • Provides security and comfort for your child while sitting
  • Straps are adjustable so that the footrest grows with your child
  • Allows child to sit upright with stability
  • Allows child's feet to be positioned 90 degrees from their legs
  • Encourages improved concentration on tasks while in high chair
  • Allows for better hand to mouth co-ordination


  • Hand made from beautiful bamboo timber
  • Quality finished product, specific attention has been paid to smooth edges so your little one doesn't hit sharp edges
  • Wipeable with a clean damp cloth

Price includes:

  • 4 O-rings PLUS
  • Additional set of 4 o-rings complimentary

    Product images are for illustrative purposes. Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different to those shown on the site.

    *Please also note all prices are for the Footsi as a standalone product, we do not sell the IKEA Antilop High chair.

    Safety Warning: Please ensure that the footrest is used with your child seated in their highchair using the safety harness/buckle and fastened tight. Children can use the footrest to stand upright and prop themselves out of their seats, therefore you should always supervise your child in the highchair and not leave them unattended.

    By Nibble and Rest



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